About Ryverra

thumbnailHistory of chocolate has reached thousand of years since discovered by the Maya civilization and Aztec. Started as a dish presented only to the Emperor, eventually can be enjoyed by all people today. But in Malaysia, chocolate is still less enjoyed and people put a false axiomatic, “Chocolate is not healthy“. Until then chocolate always being viewed with suspicion. However, chocolate still exist in the market, leading by multinational corporations with a “common” sense. Our goal is to present to you a different flavor, with unique recipes from Malaysia, but at the same time we maintain the purity of the chocolate; produced by handmade and uses “Cocoa Butter“.

Our philosophy makes the words “Let our chocolate do the talking” as guide. We dont need “magic” words as a provocation because we believe that our unique recipe is a huge leap compared with the others. In order to provide the experience for you to enjoy the variety of chocolate flavor and shape has lead us to the way of creative and think outside the box. Ryverra finally come up with various special products such as the Bar Durian – King of Fruits!


choc_101 Ryverra always believe that creativity will open up a new way to explore the full sense of fun and love. Therefore we are doing our best to always ensure that our products has its own value compared to other. Our philosophy is to let our products become “Ambassador”. Because we believe a good product will talk by itself. However, to ensure a different product quality and taste from others, we always maintain the originality of the method of chocolate production and always ensure that the quality of our products at par with handmade products from Europe such as Swiss and Belgium. Unlike products from European countries, which often take the cocoa beans from Africa, we will continue the commitment to use the recipes of Malaysia.


We aim to serve all humankind around the world and give them a wonderful feeling and experience.